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American Sno-Plows
Category:Wings and Wing Systems
Market:Municipal Equipment
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  • The P81-FP87 leveling cable wing control system offers traditional, heavy-duty mount-ing and control of leveling wing plows.
  • Front post is 8" I-beam with standard 68" or hi-lift 86" of slide movement, supported to the hitch with heavy duty mount plates and gussets and two 7" x 4" cross tubes.
  • Rear post is 12" I-beam with 34" or 54" of slide travel with inverted cylinder.
  • Standard 12" saddle with 40 gallon hydraulic tank and valve enclosure.
  • Safety spring trip or non-trip front wing dee mounting.
  • Includes heavy duty wing push arms of 3" outer tube with 2-3/8" inner round stock, compres-sion lower, tension upper springs.
  • Available in single or dual wing configurations.

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