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CDS Spreader

CDS Spreader
Category:Spreader Bodies
Market:Municipal Equipment
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The Center Discharge Spreader body by Everest is designed for optimum spread patterns, excellent serviceability, maximum uptime and extreme durability to assure municipalities smooth running operations.


  • Available with front, rear or front and rear discharge spread configuration.
  • 28" chain width with bar flight on every link provides optimum spread patterns.
  • Chain ends beyond rear discharge door – no winter/ summer kit or swinging coal door kit necessary, and no material leakage.

Standard items include:

  • Summer conveyor cover
  • Underbody pan
  • Air tailgate control
  • 24" cab shield
  • Dirt shedder sills at sides and tailgate
  • Front discharge includes adjustable discharge door

Optional Items:  

  • Available in 304SS and carbon steel.
  • Trapezoidal long sills and cross member-less construction for clean understructure.
  • Standard floor AR400 material. 304SS floor available.
  • Trunnion mount tele CS hoist available SA or DA 
Length Sides/Tailgate Yards
10' 34"/44" 7.5 - 9.5
12' 34"/44" 10 - 12
13' 46"/54" 13 - 15
14' 46"/54" 14 - 16

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