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Dailey’s Number “Two”

The wind it howled and the snow it flew
And so did Dailey’s “Number Two”
The engine roared as the Frink Sno-Plow
Bored into a bank of snow.

But the bank was big and hard to bust
Five feet deep with a good hard crust.
Out backed the Sno-Plow, Listen! Hear?
Fred shifted into a lower gear!

Once more the Sno-Plow jockeyed right
Into the bank with all its might.
As the Plow drove into the giant bank,
The steel frame groaned and almost shrank.

But the bank was hard and deep and wide,
So Dailey opened the throttle wide.
The drive wheels turned but the plow stood still
While the engine worked with an iron will!

Dailey was forced to shove the clutch
’Cause as for headway, there wasn’t’ much.
And then he saw that he was stuck!
No way out – he must give up!

But he kept his courage, every bit
He said, “Now, Fred, you’d better get!”
He backed once more to get more power,
For the snow grew deeper every hour!

The Sno-Plow started out, once more
It tore up the bank with a savage roar!
And the next instant he was going again
Throwing the snow like a frozen rain!

Now, I will stop my rickety talk,
After expressing just one more thought.
What would we poor farmers do
If it wasn’t for Dailey and his “Number Two”?

           – Author Unknown –